Louie's Law


Rest in Peace

Rest in Peace my little buddy.  The Pit bull took you away from me. God will always keep you close. You should not have died that way.  I wish there was something more I could have done. You were in the jaws of death until you were spit out. I am so glad I was able to hold you until you died. The last thing you saw before you closed your eyes was me holding you.  I love you so much. If it takes me forever  I will make sure you meant more than the road kill to those that treated you as such.  I love you and will forever miss you. There will always be a hole in my heart where you once were. You were taken away too soon in life.

2 responses to “Rest in Peace

  1. CJ says:

    my eyes are filling up with tears as I read this. We must protect our pets from these viscous animals.

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