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Louie was on a leash. The Pitbull that killed him was not.

If we can’t protect the pets that walk beside us on a leash, as enforcement dictates. When a “dangerous” dog attacks, why bother using a leash? Dog on dog attacks need to have  as much enforcement done as if it were a person. Louie was part of my family. He wasn’t a dog chained up in my back yard just forgotten about.  He sat with me and slept on my bed. He maintained a place in the “Pack” of our home.  He was the campion for my other little dog. He captured the hearts of our neighbors. Neighbors came from all over the complex giving flowers for his grave. I found myself being strong for the neighbors that cried on my shoulder.  He was a member of this community. Yet the law and enforcement of his murder was treated as nothing more than road kill.  This type of total lack of respect and concern of responsible pet owners need to be brought to the attention of Florida state legislation.  Please sign the petition so I may take these signatures to show the legislation how people feel.  Thank you for your support

Please sign Louie’s petitions so I can bring this to legislation. please give comments. Your comments count.



Louie's Last Christmas we will ever celebrate.

Louie’s Last Christmas we will ever celebrate.

Merry Christmas my little buddy. The first Christmas with out you. I will forever miss you .  My heart has a hole in it where you once lived among us.

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