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Revision of Florida Law

After a heart wrenching experience and looking into laws and policy of the Florida law, this statue needs revision to include the pets that walk beside us as well.The law and statutes of dog bites/dangerous dogs ensures the irresponsible owners will be held accountable of they maul or kill a person or pet alike. Aggressive dogs attack more of our pets than people. We want to see legislation passed making it a criminal offense if a dog attacks, maims or kills…PERIOD. Those involved shall be held accountable under the criminal code and be charged accordingly. One attack on person OR PET is one too many. If that is bothersome, then it should be, blame the negligence of the irresponsible pet owner. Strict laws ensuring accountability and consequence for negligent pet ownership will put a stop to it. Laughable $25 local government citations won’t get the attention of any irresponsible pet owner. An arrest, mug shot, having to bond out before a judge and be tried in a court of law WILL. Don’t wait until this is one of your loved ones, God forbid, what if it’s one of your children!

Enforcement on dog on dog attacks should be as severe on pets as people. Pets are also a member of a family. Death or murder of a pet is just as heart-wrenching, with the same amount of anguish, despair, and devastation. Dog on dog attack involves the same negligence of an owner’s dog attacking a pet as it does a person. The night Louie was killed it could of very well have been me.

My first concern would be that the law would be enforced statewide in a uniform matter adhering to Law with no delineation. From experience with Louie’s death and my investigation, Florida’s Law is not applied the same in all jurisdictions. Accountability with the enforcement of the law should also be implemented.
*All dangerous dog will should be monitored in a state wide data base. Owners should ensure that their dogs are provided with a space that will keep them contained. Preferably a chain link fence is an owners best source. All dogs in general need a place to play and romp.  If the dogs are not in the yard, they will be leashed outside in public. Common sense speaking, dogs should be kept out of places where they might snap or bite. For example, big crowds, shopping centers, and local high school football/ baseball games. Keep small children away from dogs and supervise at all times in rooms where both dog and child are in.
Irresponsible owners should be held accountable to the letter of the law. Once an aggressive dog unprovokingly hurts, mauls, or kills person or pet alike the dog automatically is deemed a dangerous dog.  The unacceptable act the dog did will most likely happen again. Nip it in the bud right there. At that point –
1. Owners will register their dog with the county as a dangerous dog.
A state wide data base should be implemented

2.Owners will be liable for all restitution for the injured victim involved.

3. Owners will be mandated to provide a containable place outside for the dog and it will be
inspected by animal control.(This includes apartments, condos, and townhouses.)

4. Owners will be mandated to attend a PRIVATE animal obedience/handling course with their dogs at
their own expense.

54. Owners will keep dog leashed at all time out of house or outside designated containment.

6. Any calls to animal control of complaint- dog causing any kind disturbance will be cited.

7. Any dogs running loose will be automatically picked up and held until owner is seen with Judge
and their recommendations.

8. Owners will be mandated to carry liability insurance on their pets.

9. Any offenses after all mandated actions implemented by the judge can include euthanization of
the dog.

10.Any person or pet being attacked by dog, and is killed to stop attack, the acting person will
NOT be held responsible.

11.Any dog deemed dangerous will be mandated to be sterilized within 30 days. Any holding or
boarding of any dog shall incur a cost to it’s owner.
12. Owner will register dog yearly regardless of what county they have moved to. Once a dog(s) are
deemed dangerous or have inflicted injury on person or pet. It will be unlawful to transfer
pets to anyone or any place without proper registration. Any transferring unlawful will result
in citation and/or criminal charges.

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After two years I finally got a response from Governpr Rick Scotts’s Office-


After more than two years I finally got a response from Gov. Rick Scott’s office regarding Louie’s Law…
They did NOT ADDRESS the issues at hand only gave me a “SCHOOL HOUSE ROCK” lesson how the local government works……ya think? Do you suppose this is why I am writing to the governor personally for change?????..

An insult to injury-

Dear Ms. Moyer:

Thank you for contacting Governor Rick Scott’s Office. Each state attorney is an elected official charged with the duty to determine whether or not to prosecute any particular crime committed within his or her jurisdiction. This decision is based on the quality and quantity of the evidence of guilt shown, and in the best interest of justice. The state attorneys operate independently of the Governor’s office. As elected officials, they answer to the voters of their individual jurisdictions.

You may choose to work with the state attorney’s office and local law enforcement to resolve this situation. You may also wish to consult a private attorney. The Florida Bar offers a Lawyer Referral Service which you may contact by calling toll-free at (800) 342-8011. If you cannot afford an attorney, you may be eligible for low cost or pro bono assistance through a local legal aid office. The Florida Bar can assist you with this process. Please contact the Florida Bar directly or visit the web site www.floridabar.org.

Thank you again for writing.


Warren Davis
Office of Citizen Services
Executive Office of the Governor

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