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November 12, 2012

Let me start from the beginning. On October 9th last month I was walking my two little dogs ( Sadie,4 pound Papillion and Louie, my 8 pound Pomeranian) over to the little park across the street. On our way back a pit bull charged us off leash. I stood still because I thought running would be worse. The owner saw all this as well. The pit bull grabbed  Louie, there was a struggle I was beating the pit and pulling on Louie. I was pulling on Louie so hard that when he was released by the pit bull his collar few off him and he fell to the ground. He was still a live he was like jello when I picked him up. I held him in my arms he looked up at and wagged his tail twice and died in my arms. Law enforcement was brought in. They took a report and took pictures of Louie’s body. They said they could do nothing more. They would refer us to animal control in the morning. In the morning, animal control examined Louie took pictures of his body. The police report stated the pit owners were cited for no license, no leash, and no vaccines. Animal control did absolutely nothing. A dog with no vaccines should have been seized and quarantined for 10 days. The owners were fined 130.00 for the whole incident. This complex is pit bull restricted. We have only been in this complex for two months I have seen two pit bulls. One resided at apt 801 and the owner that killed Louie resided at 409. So that is Two pit bulls in a pit-bull restricted apt. complex. The landlord does not have this on any of his advertisements. I requested three times if the property was pit bull restricted. It was confirmed in writing by a sister complex which emailed me back. The landlord, CanFlor still has not responded to any of my correspondence to this day. The manager of our complex told me no pit bulls allowed. I asked him then why is the pit bull still here regardless of any other reason? He said they are leaving any way they are just waiting on the judge to send the papers to the owner for eviction. Louie was killed on Oct 9th and they decided to evict October 15th. The Landlord is negligent ensuring policy was enforced. The manager of the property was negligent and the owner was negligent  I contacted animal control on the night of Oct. 30 to see if the owners (who were still living in the apt.) To follow-up on the owners to ensure that the owner complied with the citation she said and I quote “There is nothing more that they can do. Unless the dog mauls or kills a person.” No attorney will take my case because they would not make enough money over my case. This has caused me worsening of my medical issues and additionally my boyfriend suffered a heart attack on Oct 30 over the undue stress and anguish this has caused us.

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