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pbattack-fox[1]17 Barks: Dog attack report by breed – March 2014

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Pit bulls attack man in Lake Worth

Another Attack in Florida. This is why Governor Scott has get with it and start looking into Florida’s epidemic

Dangerous Dogs in the News


A man in Lake Worth was attacked by two pit bulls in Lake Worth on Thursday, according to Palm Beach County Fire Rescue.

Firefighters arrived to find the victim with animal bite injuries, Fire Rescue spokesman Capt. Albert Borroto said.

The man, whose name was not released, was rushed to the trauma center at Delray Medical Center for treatment.

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Nation needs to spell out definition of ‘service dog’

dangerous breeds need not be included in the mix for the sake of service

Dangerous Dogs in the News


It seems nothing launches the nature-vs.-nurture debate like whether pit bulls are suitable to work as service dogs. Back in the 1980s, the city of Yakima joined many local jurisdictions in banning the breed entirely within city limits, amid yelps from human pit bull defenders that the action singled out the dogs and ignored irresponsible owners and breeders.

The issue has simmered for a quarter-century; then in April, the Yakima City Council approved an exemption that allows pit bulls as service animals. The change came on the advice of city attorneys, who said the all-out ban violated the federal Americans with Disabilities Act. The exemption requires animals to be registered with the city, be restrained on leashes and muzzled in public, and the dogs must be kept in pens or locked enclosures when at home.

Pit bull supporters cheered, but opponents feared the exemption created an opening for dog owners…

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New WESH 2

Port Orange Florida


Dog attacks & PTSD

after the attack and healing of wounds, this never disappears PTSD

Dangerous Dogs in the News

The neighborhood did feel safe until Feb. 15. That afternoon, the small cul-de-sac where the neighborhood children played became the site of a vicious dog attack that injured three of her children and shattered the family’s sense of security.

The attack began when a shepherd-malinois mix escaped from the yard of a nearby home and attacked Gardner’s daughter, Adebisi Agunbiade, who was 6 at the time. Adebisi was playing outside the home of a family friend when the attack began.

Adebisi had the most severe injuries. She was taken to McLane Children’s Hospital Scott & White in Temple and underwent surgery that night. Her left arm is scarred.

But mental scars are far more difficult to cope with, Gardner said.

Tania Glenn, a psychologist who specializes in PTSD, said the disorder can be especially difficult for young children and teens.

“Kids don’t have the insight and understanding of the world…

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Port Orange dogs accused of attacking, killing other dog not confiscated

another Dog in Port Orange Mayor Greene? Your track record or lack of is starting to show your real concern of your residents

Dangerous Dogs in the News


A Port Orange family wants to know why the dogs that killed their beloved chihuahua have not been confiscated from their owners.

According to Port Orange police, the two dogs that killed the chihuahua on Friday on Bayview Lane got loose, and it isn’t the first time. The dogs’ owner has been cited previously for letting his animals run loose.

“All of a sudden I heard this really horrible screeching noise, like a cry,” said Christine Wilcox.

Christine and Bob Wilcox said their 6-pound chihuahua Macho wasn’t a match for two bigger dogs, described as a husky mix and a pit bull mix.

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We moved out of The Bungalows At Port Orange Florida. A Year of requesting the owner and manager of this community(CANFLOR) to cut down a dead tree in fear of someone’s safety it finally fell on our apartment. This was the last straw. We were released from our lease and moved. I have checked on Louie’s grave site any memorials have either been stolen or removed. Very sad. But the pictures and his web/blog will remain forever. Louie’s story is not unique it happens ALL THE TIME. Too many broken people and pets if they are lucky to live. The others with broken hearts and broken dreams remain. Louie’s story will always be told along with all the other stories with the hope something will change someday.

June 2015-

pets 1

We have moved on got a new puppy his name is Bandit.  He will never replace Louie. Those terrifying moments the horrific memories don’t go away. A person who has been through an attack? Their lives have changed forever. When you leash up your dog the first thing you think of what is the plan if your are attacked again….. You bring a knife, a stun baton, even a legal gun if permitted in your state…We are fortunate Florida supports handguns.  You know it has made a forever imprint in your life when an ex military man walks the dogs with you and takes his legal weapon.  My voice for Louie and all other unfortunate pets will not rest. Even the Pitbulls that are forever stuck in a no kill shelter…. In a cage for life, or those used for bait dogs or are brutally abused, the disgusting in breeding for the sake of a dollar….breeding the worst of the worst traits in these dogs.  Regulation, permitting. and yes BSL works for both sides of the fence.  Not every one is fit to be a parent and Not everyone is fit to have a pit bull because of the inherent behavior.


Family loses dog after pit bull attack.

There are many out there with the same painful story.

Dangerous Dogs in the News

“When the dog attacked, we called 911, because our kids were out there.”

Allen Smith said his three children — ages 4, 8 and 11 — saw the attack, and are now afraid to go outside to play. The Smiths live within Shelby’s city limits.

“Our 8-year-old son was going to walk our dogs out like he does every morning,” said Sherry Smith. “This morning just happened to be a little different. Our son leashed up our dogs and opened the door to walk out.”

Sherry said her son walked about 10 steps, then was met by a pit bull.

“The pit bull was going toward our son, but grabbed our helpless little dog instead,” she said. “Her name was Missy.”

The Smiths said they were too late to save Missy. Now, they want to give her a voice. Allen said he’d like to see stricter regulations for people who…

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Angela Robinson talks about her son Raymane Camari Robinson, Jr.

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What action do you think irresponsIble dog owners should have enforced on them?


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